The Eagle package is perfect for the beginner or slightly advanced player to learn the mental principles and mindset necessary to accelerate their learning curve and reduce frustration while developing their swing and mechanics. Our studies indicated that using this training reduced learning time and improved the players ability to be more relaxed, more consistent and have more fun during their practice session or out on the course. The most common fears and areas are addressed and the 5 tracks help them to develop confidence, consistency and control while allowing them to learn with less frustration and anxiety.

The Ace Package is designed for the more serious golfer who is seeking an optimum mental training package to lower their scores and maximize their performance. Specifically designed to help players who would like to develop a complete mental game plan that will help them in virtually every area of the game. Select the Ace program, and receive the complete Eagle Program PLUS 9 of our Exclusive Mental Edge Golf Pro Series Mental Training Tracks. These tracks were modeled and produced after interviewing players at the amateur, collegiate, and professional levels and address more specific areas of the game.

The Mental Edge Golf Custom Assessment, was designed by world renowned Golf Coach and Peak Performance Specialist Bobby Foster. It is based on the DISC Profile System and has been used by players at all levels to enhance their personal development in the game of golf. It is a powerful tool that will help both you and your instructor understand your mental strengths and weaknesses, as well as define your optimum learning style. It will also provide valuable insight into your mental tendencies as a golfer, and gives you and your instructor specific instruction on the best ways to teach you the game.